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At the Front Militaria
Excellent vendor of period clothing and gear

WWII Impressions, Inc
Excellent vendor of period clothing and gear

World War Two Ration Technologies
As the name suggests, find your WWII rations here.

Landser Outfitters
German Uniform and Equipment Dealer

Reenacting Units

9th SS Hohenstaufen, Regt. 20

4th US Infantry Division, 22nd Regiment, 'E'asy Company
Our GI brothers in Arms

1st Kompanie, 20th SS PanzerGrenadier Regiment
9th SS Panzer Division 'Hohenstaufen

9th SS Hohenstaufen, Regt. 20

Reenacting Guides
Find out more about reenacting WWII from these sites.

An excellent guide for various G.I. related information.

Dan's WWII Equipment and Uniform site
A good basic site to understand the Equipment and Uniform the G.I or Canadian soldier used.

Various Reenactor information, including links to other units.

Militaria and Reenactor information

Reenacting Link Pages
Pages of links for other WWII sites.

World War II Reenacting Links & Events Calendar

Other links of interest

Book Review Site